Skincare Product Creator and Founder of Poshable, Aubrey Farnham has been an influential hairstylist, clean beauty product ambassador, and image consultant for many years. After graduating from cosmetology school in 2012, Aubrey honed her talents as a top hairstylist and product educator in Durango, Colorado. She founded Daisy’s Salon in Historic Downtown Durango in 2014, which is now a premier full-service beauty hub serving the needs of women and men. Spending considerable time behind the chair, Aubrey gained a personal and acute awareness of the rising demand for pure, affordable, environmentally sustainable, and results-focused clean beauty products.

Her passion for making women feel beautiful inside and outside, combined with this growing need to address the everyday struggles and mistrust that many women face when choosing safe products, inspired Aubrey to formulate a proprietary line of all-natural, 100% skin-friendly hair-face-body skincare products. Poshable promotes health, vitality, healing, and a commitment to sustaining life on earth. Made in a licensed clinical environment, it is entirely organic and powered by the finest plant-based ingredients from Mother Nature to deliver real, life-changing results.

When not researching trends, inventing new products or styling hair, Aubrey is family-focused and takes great joy in raising her two young children and spending quality time with her husband. She is also an avid advocate of childhood initiatives and a portion from each product sold is donated to fight childhood hunger.